About the client:
Our client is the state institution responsible for managing the currency, monetary policy, and banking regulation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Their objective is to promote monetary and financial stability towards sustainable economic growth in the United Arab Emirates. Its primary function is to enhance monetary and financial stability through effective supervision, prudent reserve management, and robust financial infrastructure in line with international best practices and standards.

What business challenge were they experiencing?
CBUAE’S commitment to developing Emirati graduates is a core part of its people strategy. They have an emphasis on providing a world-class working environment focused on continuous learning and so the quality of their Future Leaders Graduate Programme had to match this high standard. Some of the key learning objectives they focused on include:
Attracting and retaining high potential UAE Nationals
Providing a structured learning pathway that is a combination of experiential, technical, and leadership skills.
To prepare exceptional National talent for senior roles within the organization in the future.
The request was to concentrate equally on the graduate’s personal development as well as equipping them with the knowledge to understand CBUAE’s vision, values, and strategy and gain the confidence to quickly grasp concepts within their technical rotations.

What solution did Kaplan professionalME provide?
Our aim was to equip the young Nationals with the needed knowledge and support them quickly grasp concepts within their technical rotations. To do so, we offered a combination of delivery tools to enhance the learning experience (see graph). We also ensured that our team was locally based and had broad and deep experience in finance and behavioral development.
We offered a 10-day journey that included a core understanding of the CBUAE and its functions, technical programs that aligned to their departmental skill set, and interpersonal awareness and behavioral improvement sessions that worked to embed CBUAE’s organizational values. The program outline included:

Day 1 : Welcome to FLP
Day 2: Macro Eco, Overview and Central Bank Role
Day 3: Strategy
Day 4: Interpersonal Skills
Day 5: Advanced Professional Skills – Excel
Day 6: Bank Financial Statement Analysis
Day 7: Bank Financial Statement Analysis
Day 8: Introduction to Banking Products
Day 9: AML Compliance Training
Day 10: Advanced Professional Skills – Powerpoint

How did Kaplan ProfessionalME work with the client to develop the solution?
We do not separate the initial design and the delivery team so the consultants we recommended initially stayed constant and dedicated to the program. To ensure authenticity and relevance to the program, our consultants lived and breathed the CBUAE’s challenges, culture, and expectations thus ensuring that the program’s stakeholders were satisfied with the end product.
Some of the success factors of the FLP included:
Diversified facilitators and material allowed participants to maintain focus and continued to stay highly interested throughout the two weeks.
We ensured we had Subject Matter Experts from CBUAE involved in the program which provided the depth the participants needed, especially when questions were asked.
CBUAE Showed Senior Advocacy from the Governor, advisors, and other Department Heads
We Used a number of case studies and activities, which brought new energy to each day and created a high level of interaction
The team where positive ready to work together to achieve success

What aspects were highly appreciated by our client?
Overall Programme score was 94.4% with a highly satisfied client. Some of the testimonials included:

“The program was beneficial and informative and a great way to start our careers at CBUAE. It was also a great opportunity to network with co-workers.”

“The top factors that had a positive effect on my ability to learn was working with the team, using engaging case studies and activities, and the professionalism of the trainers.”