15 months ago
ACCA – Savita

The main reason I chose Kaplan is that the trainers help us understand extremely complicated concepts easily and regularly offer homework and feedback. They are also quite motivating and are keen to go one step beyond to help us in any way. The trainers at Kaplan are specialized for each exam and offer a sufficient amount of practice on the CBE Platform.

Kaplan is the ultimate guide to passing the ACCA exam.

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15 months ago
ACCA – Sahil Thakwani

I recently became an ACCA affiliate and am currently pursuing CMA from Kaplan Professional ME as well.  The quality of tutors and Kaplan’s study environment were the main factors that pulled me towards Kaplan. Another crucial aspect was the constant support Kaplan provides throughout the course, which helps in understanding where do we lie and how to constantly improve.

One word in which I would define Kaplan is “Supportive” since they take utmost care and become a significant part of a candidate’s career and take pride in the success of their candidates.

19 months ago
The challenging World of Financial Services – Banking Company

The trainer used various training methods including lectures, question-answer sessions and group assignments, which kept the class interesting.
The content is relevant to our own organization because it provides a corporate insight into what and how we should be thinking as well as good benchmarking parameters.

18 months ago
Fixed Income Analysis – Insurance Company

The trainer shared real-world examples and practice questions that truly helped crystalize the concepts. He has brilliant presentation skills and easily made complicated concepts more understandable.

19 months ago
Bank Financial Statements Analysis – Private Banking Company

This is one of the best courses I have attended. The course was very well instructed and very beneficial to our scope of business such as analyzing the ratios and going deeper into financial analysis.

17 months ago
Leading in a VUCA Environment – Financial Advisory Firm

Excellent knowledge has been displayed by the trainer with a lot of engagement & energy. The study materials and learning videos used helped understand the challenges with a new perspective and develop solutions that were aligned to the needs of different departments.

16 months ago
Team Skills Development Program – Software Company

The flow of the course was quite engaging and very relevant to the current situation of our department. It precisely fit the goals and learning outcomes we were aiming for. I was quite impressed with the trainer’s analysis and comments that showed she has really mastered what she does.

17 months ago
The Young Professionals Programme – Financial Services Government Agency

The trainer is very approachable and a good listener. She had the right answers to our queries and ensured all the activities were in line with the program’s learning outcomes. I would definitely recommend training with Kaplan for behavioural programs.

20 months ago
The Young Professionals Programme – Financial Services Government Agency

The trainer explained all the concepts in a simple manner and the training included many examples. I was able to learn lessons that I can implement in my personal life & at the workplace. All in all, the sessions were very engaging.